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Plexiglass Weight Per Square Foot Chart. Plexiglass - Weights Per Square Foot. Thickness (inches) Polycast, Optix and Perspex acrylic sheet,

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acrylic price per square meter. plastic timber decking price per square meter . Jinan sell cast acrylic sheet/PMMA sheet/perspex sheet price Product:

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Our unique product calculator lets you buy any size and thickness of acrylic or acrylic mirror in any colour or thickness available and you only pay for what you get.

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Square & Specialty Plastic Buckets ; How much do the acrylic sheets weigh? Article Summary: Average weight per square foot for the acrylic sheet.

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Weight Calculator Help. Simply enter the density of the material in which your are interested, select the shape from the drop-down list, enter the dimensions, then hit the “Calculate” button.

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What is the difference between acrylic, Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, can shape it and they are lighter weight than acrylic usually cost per square metre?

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The roll dimensions did not enter into the conversion between price per kilogram and per square meter. Only the material unit weight (gsm) mattered.

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standoffs Panels from different manufacturers can vary from the indicative weights detailed below. If in doubt, weigh the panel(s) you are using or check with the supplier to obtain the manufacturers specified weight.

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How much does perspex weigh? (in meters) x Thickness (in mm) x 1.19 = Weight in kg A Perspex container has a 6 cm square base and contains water?

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The area weight per square meter (m2) is calculated as follows: Area weight PLEXIGLAS solid sheets = square meter x sheet thickness in millimeters x density

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Perspex - Melbourne-based supplier of quality Perspex. Call the Plastic Center to discuss your Perspex needs. Delivery Australia-wide. Tel: 1300 88 32 45

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As a rule of thumb a square metre of glass weighs 2.5kg per 1mm in thickness so standard 4mm glass will weigh 10kg for a square metre size piece of glass. Double glazed sealed units have twice the amount