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How to build a Campervan: Part 8 - Floor Insulation - YouTube

11 May 2017 We never thought it would take this long to insulate a floor, but we'd rather take the time now and have it last of board you would not have had to worry about the gap as with the foil on both sides the metal floor stays cold 

How I replaced the spongy floor in my Trail Lite TC26QBH RV

9 Oct 2014 2006 Trail Lite Camper floor Demolition and Restoration. I removed the rotten, spongy floor and rebuilt a new one from the undercarriage up for under $500.

How to install a ply line floor, altro floor into a VW Transporter T5

29 Sep 2016 Hi, welcome to my video, on how to install a floor in a VW T5. How to install a Use your newly made template to cut the altro floor, with a 5cm gap around the edge. Then fit the new Use a cork board or squeegee and a roller to push the air out. Above the altro . Camper Conversion 3,692 views · 18:25.


15 Sep 2017 LAMINATE floorING & CLADDING WALLS Camper Van Life Today I show my process to fitting the flooring in my camper van, I used laminate flooring and I also clad

Slide Out Floor Replacement Part 1 - YouTube

1 Dec 2011 minute video demonstrating how Gulf Stream Service Technicians replace a slide out floor without removing is i was told by camper world that it cant be fixed. i watched your vidioe about replacing your sideout wood floor, 

How to Make Your Own Stealth RV Camper Van: Installing Flooring

Oriented strand board works well for subfloor material. There is no real need to fasten this floor to the steel ribbed floor of the van. Drilling holes or running screws through the metal could increase the chances of rust forming later on.

Handy Tips #1- Floor Prep Campervan Conversion Services

23 Mar 2016 We plan to run a few "handy tips" blogs every now and then for all you DIY'ers out there wanting to get stuck into converting parts or all of your van. This is also a way to show our customers how their vans have been 

How to Install a Wood Floor in Van - DIY Campervan Start to Finish

17 Oct 2016 How I installed my laminate wood floors in my full time camper van. Be sure to ***SUBSCRIBE*** to see our new videos!! This is the full video of the floors b

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Insulation Part 2 - YouTube

17 Dec 2017 Installing the Earthwool Insulation and Kingspan PIR Thermaboard within the walls and ceiling of the van using stick pins. All wrapped with silver foil vapou

Van Flooring Installation Guide - Outbound Living

We explain in our step by step guide how you can install flooring in your van. We also Plywood board – This layer will go on top of the van's ribs and rigid foam insulation. . Insulated vinyl floor install on a Mercedes Sprinter camper van. Info.

Installing the Camper Van Sub Floor // Van Life Ep. 6 - YouTube

16 Feb 2018 INSTALL ARTICLE - We used 3 sheets of 1/2" plywood for our subfloor of our camper van. Using the foam insulation boards as a template it was

Camper van insulation and ventilation - the essential guide

15 Aug 2017 air from the camper van. Place vents to bring fresh air in lower down on the camper van walls or floor. panel in the camper van. We used 25mm on the roof of our Sprinter van conversion and 40mm thick board in the walls.

DIY Van to Campervan Conversion - Instructables

21 Jun 2016 What started as a one man DIY campervan conversion business we now do motorhome rentals and camper hiring for all The insulation foil will serve as template for the boards we need to form the base of our floor. Add Tip

Deep Red - A self-build motorhome - insulation

We chose rigid, 25mm thick Eco-Therm foil-faced, polyurethane foam core, roof insulation boards; simply because they First, even though it was a pristine new van, the bare painted floor was washed with strong detergent solution to get rid of 

Fitting the floor to my campervan - Vandog Traveller

12 Sep 2013 Before putting the plywood boards back down (after removing rust on the metal underneath–see here) I laid some strips of bitumen flashing onto the metal ribs of the van floor. The idea was to minimise vibrations coming up 

Flooring Insulation and Boards - Transit Van Stealth Camper

3 Apr 2017 In episode 4 we get the flooring insulation and boards down as well as having to deal with more rain, faulty key remotes and cold tea.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - New Floor - YouTube

7 Jan 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - New Plywood floor In this video we are fitting the new plywood floor over the battens and Celotex insulation. I'm using 12mm h

Camper repair. Joist and floor rot. - YouTube

7 Jun 2015 A friend's camper has been leaking for some time apparently and has rotted out the floor, ledger and joists. Free room and board (plus cost of expenses and labor) in beautiful Saint Augustine, FL if you come fix my 2011 

Installing Campervan Ceilings DIY Campervan Build - YouTube

26 May 2017 When we were trying to come up with a good thing to use for the ceiling, Steph hit a home run of an idea. We were going to attempt to use as many renewable r

Camper Van Build - Sub Floor - To Insulate or Not To Insulate

13 May 2017 We discuss the pros and cons of insulating the sub floor of our Van with Polyiso insulation board. Our Van is a 1995 GMC Safari AWD SLE. Our website - http:/

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Flooring - YouTube

2 Jan 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Insulating the Van floor Removing the old plywood floor, fixing new support framework, insulating with 25mm Celotex board and

Flooring - CamperVanBuild

18 Apr 2015 I knew that I needed the floor to be fairly rugged and function as a base for future projects in order to make the camper van dream a reality. Project: Place a layer of particle board that covers the entire cargo area of the van.

Panelling & Insulating the Van - Motorhome Planet

First step was to remove the floor and side panels – the pieces of wood on the floor are about to become battens to raise the floor and allow insulation to be placed under the floor boards: Van floor before insulation and boarding. Next step was 

Rotten RV Floor Repair - YouTube

18 Apr 2016 I've been avoiding the rotten floor around our RV refrigerator for weeks. I didn't want to know what was going to be underneath the tile I finally finishe

How to Make Your Own Stealth RV Camper Van: Installing Flooring

This is the second article in a series about making your own stealth RV from a conversion van. In the first article I talked about some need-to-know tips on buy.