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singapore - balcony converted to dining room. homeanddecor. balcony Designbalcony The balcony area clearly exudes a tropical-resort ambience with its wood decking and woven outdoor furnishings. A modern tropical 

Genius way of converting your balcony into your living room

18 Oct 2017 .sg/maximise-balcony-space-movable-louvers-bartley-ridge/ Do you have a big balcony space but could not put your Genius way of converting your balcony into your living room! Interior Design singapore.

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balcony. HDB maisonette. singapore public housing. Atelier M+A. Minimalist. Featured in Dwell Asia. Decor singapore. from · Classical, Minimalist Design - balcony - HDB Executive Apartment - Design by Design 4 space .. Local converted HDB flat with retro-industrial vibe. Another view of this 

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19 May 2015 Here, the design team integrated the spacious balcony right into the living and dining rooms. We love how the dining table now stretches from the allocated dining room to the outdoor balcony. We can imagine throwing big 

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16 Sep 2016 Balconies are yet another opportunity for you to put your creative juices to use. Many of us barely have enough interior space to work with so if you happen to have a balcony, you should use that additional outdoor space, 

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11 Jul 2014 That empty span of outdoor space would be the perfect place to put a water feature. Whether In singapore, new start-up Small space Sprouts aims to encourage homeowners to set up their own organic gardens at home by 

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convert your balcony into a cosy bar with a view 8 design ideas for your balcony or outdoor space. balcony Designbalcony A three-bedroom condo apartment after a $200K renovation Home & Decor singapore · Small outdoor 

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19 Jul 2017 A balcony for your apartment or house can be a fun feature, but if that balcony is small, it can feel very limiting. But don't let the small size keep you fr

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Linear space Concepts - Photo 3 of 11 Home & Decor singapore. balcony Awesome 80+ Beautiful and Cozy Apartment balcony Decor Ideas https://decorapatio. TV console ideas you can use for your HDB flat Home & Decor singapore 

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11 May 2016 Balconies are undoubtedly a luxury in singapore, and if you are lucky enough to lay claim to a piece of exterior living space, you will want to maximise its potential. We've collated 10 wonderful storage ideas that are sure to 

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8 Jan 2016 Because of shrinking floor areas and decreasing usable interior space in our high-rise homes, lots of homeowners are converting their balconies to get a more spacious living area — after all, how much time can you really 

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singapore balcony design tips. Rethink Your balcony. From balcony to room of other possibilities, here are six clever ideas to convert this versatile space into something more. Updated on June 21, 2017 9:06 am. Square Rooms 

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A three-bedroom condo apartment after a $200K renovation Home & Decor singapore balcony Decoration, balcony Ideas, Indoor outdoor Living, outdoor spaces, balcony Design, Rooftop Terrace, Mountain Houses, Rooftops, Terraces.

Glass Curtains Singapore - Disapproved by URA

Did you know that glass curtains in singapore have been officially disapproved by URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority)? Choose our alternative solution As balconies are intended to be semi-outdoor spaces, they do not enclose and are not capable of being enclosed by full glass screens or windows. This process would convert it into an indoor space – that breaks the purpose of having a balcony.

Bartley Residences: Designing the Perfect Balcony (Part 1)

16 Oct 2015 Balconies are often left under-utilized but the right deco can turn them into a fabulous outdoor space. week, I re-visited my own photo stash and I came across Absolut outdoors, an exterior renovation company in singapore.

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A patio is a great idea for a private sanctuary within your house space. We bring you the best of patio ideas and images from around the world here. Check it out! Before and After: Conversion of a Dairy Farm 

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30 Jan 2018 A cosy semi-outdoor space. (Credits). Car porch roofs in landed houses are increasingly designed to double-up as balconies because space is scarce in singapore. In this rain or shine weather, a roof over the car park is 

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26 Feb 2015 Think of a balcony as a private space for dining; your reflection zone for reading and meditating; your little space to showcase your herbs or plants. singapore・English A balcony bar top; an outdoor play area (with invisible grilles of course); seating with storage facilities; your very own mini yoga studio; 

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13 Feb 2017 But how can you avoid making an indoor balcony feel like just another part of your living room? Well, the secret The key to making this look work is using older items that you might ordinarily see in a typical outdoor balcony.

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10 Mar 2017 Design your small balcony to make the most of the available space in your home. A neglected balcony can be transformed into an outdoor bar for entertaining guests by building a bar counter with a protective roof and 

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Like every other space in a home, the balcony can be transformed into anything its owner desires. Exterior; outdoor; Entertainment Room; Hallway; Home Office; Nursey & Kids. Office & Commercial. Retail; Workstations. Entertainment.

How to Enclose Your Balcony & Turn it Into Useable Extra Space

As floor areas of singapore homes are rapidly shrinking, homeowners have to think of creative ways to increase the amount of usable interior space. Well, the balcony A stylish, functional and URA-approved way to integrate your outdoor and indoor space is to use Ziptrak® blinds. Unlike traditional If space permits, you can convert your balcony into a dining area or a cozy reading corner. The material 

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Small Terrace, Small Balconies, Terrace Garden, Room Interior, Diy Interior, Interior Design, Design Concepts, Home Decor Ideas, Tiny Apartment Balconies:The balcony Scene: 7 tips for turning your tiny balcony into an outdoor retreat.